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Weaving Work

last floor loom weave   last floor loom weave   small tapestry

The left image is of the last loom weave I was doing when, after a serious medical event, I discovered in early 2019 that I could no long weave. I gave up everything to do with weaving. AND sold everything to do with weaving. The middle image is a collage of most of what I wove on my floor looms.

I have missed it horribly ever since. About six weeks ago (January 2022) I decided to try to weave again and hauled out a rigid heddle loom I had made. I spent a couple of weeks working out the kinks in this loom. Then one day, behind the door in a storeroom, I stumbled on a tapestry loom I had made. And the proverbial light bulb lit up. This, THIS-- I knew I could do. the image on the right is of a small tapestry.

This page is under construction, but soon more will come. (February 2022)